Energy Savings Solutions

Energy Saving Solutions

Looking to save some money on your electricity bill? We offer effective and affordable Energy Savings Solutions to help save you money.


The main areas where you can save energy are:

  • LightningEnergy Savings Solutions
    • Using LED lights wherever possible will cut your energy bill immediately. LED lighting technology is constantly improving and getting more affordable every day. As a simple example, if you replace a 14W energy saver bulb with a  5W LED, you will save 35%. This may not sound like a lot but the average house has multiple lights which run for a couple hours. Add up the savings of a couple lights over a couple hours and you will repay the investment within 2 or 3 months.
  • Cooking
    • A lot of energy is wasted while your stove is heating up. Often you need to wait 20 minutes to reach 180 degrees Celsius, and you are paying for this wasted energy!
  • Heating / cooling
    • How much heating is lost through your building’s roof and windows due to poor insulation? Often, energy is wasted on air conditioning for the same reason: improper insulation or distribution.
  • Swimming pools
    • Swimming pool pumps often run much longer than what is necessary. The wrong pump could be working harder than it should and thus use more energy than necessary, costing you extra money on your electricity bill.
  • Security systems
    • How often do you check your electric fence for shorts against a tree or bush? These shorts use more energy than when the system is in standby. Dirty or incorrectly aligned alarm beams could also use more energy and cost you extra money on your energy bill.
  • Use alternative energy sources
    • You can save a lot on your energy bill by using solar or wind power. Some of our clients have reported saving of 60% – 80% off their electricity load, by using solar energy. We utilize top quality equipment which can run effectively for 20 or 30 years. You don’t need to use an expensive battery bank if most of your usage is during the day, for example running shop / factory during office hours, or using heavy usage equipment at home during the day. Washing machines, tumble dryers, swimming pool pumps and air conditioners use a lot of electricity and can be run off solar energy during the day.
  • Power Factor Correction
    • Many older appliances are inefficient. Simple put, more energy is needed to make the appliance work than it should. Inductive loads like motors, transformers and tube lighting ballasts generally need more energy to sustain a magnetic field. This is referred to as reactive power. For example, a tumble dryer rated at 2kw could be using 2400VA to operate. This load draws more current than anticipated and unnecessary energy is wasted. Wasted energy cost extra money on your electrical bill. Power factor correction can save you as much as 40% on your month. Our energy savings solutions include power factor correction methods.

Let us help you save money on your energy bill by analyzing your energy usage footprint. Even a 20% savings, on a R2000 bill would mean R400/month savings. That’s R4800 per year!

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