Nedbank offers South African farmers financial incentive to convert to solar power

Every farmer knows that electricity is expensive!

Farmers, in general pay more for electricity, per unit, than people in the cities would.

Nedbank has announced an incentive for South African farmers to use solar. This is great news, for everyone!

Using Solar energy to power your farm, could guarantee a more reliable energy source for your farming equipment, as well as your farm security needs. Solar and wind power can be used to generate more than enough energy to run any size farm. Excess energy could be stored in a battery bank, for running equipment during the night and on rainy or cloudy day. Whether you run single phase or phase doesn’t matter, we can setup our Pure Sineware inverters on both single and 3-phase installations. And, where needed, solar panels and inverters upto a few megawatt can be setup as well.

Simple Energy Solutions not only caters for residential, business or commercial clients, but also for agricultural clients.

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