12V/2A battery charger PC Board

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Product Description

Use this 12V/2A battery charger PCB to charge any 12V battery, either from a small solar panel or AC/DC transformer.

With a charge current of 2A you could use a 10W, 20W or even 50W solar panel to charge your battery bank. The 2A charge PCB has a charge limit of 13.8v. This is considered a “constant float charge cycle” and keeps the battery “topped up” for as long as it’s connected to the battery.

This 12V/2A charge PC board have many different uses, like:

  • Building a small 12V UPS for 12V appliances like internet routers or CCTV cameras
  • Charging an electric gate / garage motor battery from solar
  • Charging an electric fence battery from solar / alternative energy
  • Charging alarm batteries from solar / alternative energy
  • Keeping a boat battery topped up with a small solar panel
  • Used for experiments in class / at home

Additional Information

Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 m


13V – 16V AC or DC input
13.8v DC output @ 2A
Current limiting
Thermal cutout


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