BlueSea Battery Terminal fuse holder

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You can use these inline battery terminal fuse holders to protect your battery cables from short circuit, overheating or faults. The battery fuse holder simple bolt onto the battery terminal stud with an appropriate m8, m10 or m12 washer and nut, and the fuse + battery cable is secured to the top stud with the supplied washer and m8 nut.

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Product Description

Use the Battery Terminal fuse holder + fuses to protect your battery cables, as well as the equipment connected to the batteries.

While fuses are generally installed to protect the cables from short circuit, or as over current (ampere drawn) protection, it also offers some protection to valuable equipment.

DC current, unlike AC current will continue to flow as long as the “DC bus” is connected to something on the other end. In the case where a device draws more current than what the cable was designed for, the cables could get hot and melt, resulting in a fire. Your system design should be such that the cables are thick enough to carry the average load, plus some extra – generally 20% more. Battery fuses also offer protection to sensitive equipment like inverters, lights, motors, laptops, etc.

The BlueSea battery fuse terminal fuse holder comes with a rubber cap to protect the fuse holder from accidental shortages.

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Dimensions 5 × 5 × 5 m


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