Enersol 100W Solar Panel

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Product Description

The Enersol 100W Solar Panel is a lightweight portable solar panel.

The practical use of solar power for remote homes is gaining momentum. In the past people who wanted to live in remote areas had to pay a high price for power to be connected to their houses but with solar technology they can be virtually self-sufficient and as a bonus they have no worries about blackouts. Once in place, a solar panel is low-maintenance – making them ideal for remote or inaccessible locations, silent and in many cases, unobtrusive; the best place for a solar Module is in direct sunlight, away from any obstructions, and this is often out of sight on rooftops.

A solar panel, simply put is a collection of solar cells. They work together to supply electricity for various uses. The Solar panel is designed to convert sun light into electricity. There are no harmful emissions from solar equipment and its operations are virtually noise free, which makes it environmentally superior to alternative forms of generating electricity. There are two main uses of solar power. The first is to directly charge batteries which in turn store the energy available. The second use is to feed directly into the grid. A combination of both is also a viable alternative where power from the mains is unpredictable.

These 90W Solar Panels are ideal for camping, electric gates, electric fences, alarm systems and lighting. A single Enersol 100W Solar Panel can produce upto 600W electricity over a 6 hours. Coupled with an MPPT charge controller and deep cycle or solar battery, you would be able to run 2x 10W LED flood lights throughout the night. Or 8x 5W LED light bulbs for 10 hours. Or you can power an electric gate or garage motor, alarm system or electric fence.

Additional Information

Dimensions 1000 × 675 × 50 m


Solar Panel: Polycristaline
Solar Cells: 36 (4×9)
Watt: 100W
Max Volt: 18V
Max Current: 5.56A
Open Circuit Volt (Voc): 22.2V
Short Circuit Current: 6.85A
Warranty: 10 Year Product / 25 Year linear performance
Tolerance: 0/ +5Wp positive tolerance
Dimensions: 1000 x 670 x 35 mm
Connectors: 1m cable with MC4 connectors


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