Solar Cable – 4mm

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Product Description

Solar PV cables are specially designed to connect solar panels to the rest of your solar energy system. These cables can withstand the harsh outdoor environments, like the sun’s UV rays, wind and rain.

Our Solar PV Cables come in black and red, if you want to color code your installation. Many installers only use black cables, but care should be taken to ensure the correct polarity at the MPPT or PWM charge controllers. Solar cable is made of electron-beam cross-linked insulation and coating which gives a high resistance against heat, cold, oil, abrasion, ozone, UV and the weather.

For optimum lifespan, it is recommended to install all outdoor cables inside trunking or conduit. This will help prolong the lifespan of the cables, and also protect it from rodents, birds, flying debris in stormy conditions and degradation due to excessive UV rays and rain.

Cable is priced per meter, so just specify how many meters of cable you require.

You can order bare cable, or pre-crimped as needed. To order black, and red cables, simple choose the color and “add to cart” twice. 

Additional Information

Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 m


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