Simple Energy Solutions offer the following renewable energy services:

  • Consulting on energy consumption and savings
    • We can help you lower your energy consumption, which in turn will save you some money on your electricity bill. This will also lowering your costs on a renewable energy solution, like solar panel, a wind generator or even a turbine if needed. Lowering your energy usage footprint is the first step in saving money and becoming “more green” – i.e. saving the environment. Simple Energy Solutions¬†can also make some recommendations on energy efficient appliances and cost saving techniques.
  • Renewable energy product sales
    • We sell and install Solar panels, inverters, stand by battery systems, wind turbines, gas geysers, fire places, LED lights and some energy efficient appliances.¬†We don’t just sell the products, but rather a complete working solutions. Apart from the various components, we also sell complete loadshed kits, off grid solar solutions, home automation standby systems, Home and office UPS systems.
  • Installation and maintenance of Renewable energy solutions
    • Simple Energy Solutions have installation teams who can professionally install your renewable energy solutions. We can also install a 3rd party system if you already brought it elsewhere.
  • Renewable Energy Solutions for Home, office, industrial and agricultural use
    • Whether you need something for your house, office or farm, we can help you. Call for a quote today!