Simple Energy Solutions Pty (Ltd) offer Solar Panel installations services throughout South Africa.

So you just purchased some solar panels, an inverter, an MPPT charge controller and a battery bank.

What next?
– “How do I connect the inverter to your DB board?”
– “Which cables do I use to minimize volt drop?”
– “Do I need fuses or an isolator for my battery bank?”
– “And, how do I configure my MPPT charge controller for optimum performance?”

We have heard these questions many times. But don’t worry, Simple Energy Solutions are here to help you with your Solar Powered investment. You can either try the DIY route, or have it professionally installed and working within a couple of days.

We offer Solar Panel installation services for private homes, plots, small holdings, farms, schools, businesses and factories. No job is too big, or too small. Our experienced solar installations team will take care of the whole installation for you. 

We cover the full installation, including:

  • using the correct mounting structures.
  • installing the solar panels at optimum angle for your area and your roof.
  • installing and configuring your MPPT charger and inverter.
  • installing your battery bank.
  • connecting your inverter to your DB board.
  • Giving training on the complete system where needed.

Why you should use Simple Energy Solutions for your Solar Panel Installations.

  • We have the experience and know-how to install your Solar Power investment properly.
  • Our work is guaranteed and we follow up to see if you need anything else.
  • Our installations team works efficiently and professionally.

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